House District 17 Offers Free Vision Screenings For Children 7 and Under

The Elk’s Children’s Eye Clinic, The Oregon State Elks Association, Oregon Library Association and the Oregon Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation are teaming up to offer free screenings for children. It is stated that the optimum time to have your child’s vision checked is at age 3.

The Lebanon Lions Club and Lebanon Public Library co-sponsored a free vision screening this week on Wednesday, July 30th. If you missed it, Stayton will be hosting a free screening on August 26th, and Sweet Home has a screening scheduled for September 5th. You can check out the screening calendar on the See To Read website. Although they may not be free, parents can always arrange vision screenings with an ophthalmologist at their convenience.

All the children who are screened will receive a proof-of-vision screening certificate, and any children who end the screening with point of concern will be referred to an eye-doctor for further examination.